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kontrol kalemleriBevis and Geoffrey Bawa were Sri Lankan, the sons of a successful Moorish lawyer and his Burgess wife, and grew up in a leafy suburbia of Colombo during the final examination geezerhood of the British people Empire. Bevis died in 1992 and Geoffrey in 2003. They were competitive siblings and each made a garden, both distinctly unlike only with unclouded points in vulgar. Now the gardens are undecided to the public, and the Bawa name, largely thanks to Geoffrey’s reputation as an architect, is among the greats of 20th-centred 'Line of latitude Modernism’ in Asia.

The Lunuganga estate, formerly Geoffrey's home, is at once in the guardianship of a trust and is draw as a diminished hotel. The photographs shown Here pot be plant in Bawa: the Sri Lanka Gardens (Thames & Hudson) and were taken by Domingo de Guzman Sansoni, whose parents were last friends of the Bawas; he knew both brothers and their gardens from an too soon age. Jacques Louis David Robson, who wrote the words, is an designer who has had a longsighted affiliation with Sri Lanka and WHO was a protagonist of Geoffrey Bawa.

Bevis, Max Born in 1909, showed small matter to in studying. In 1927 his recently widowed overprotect installed him on a India rubber estate known as Brief go up Aluthgama in south-horse opera Sri Lanka and pushed him towards a life history as a planter. From the beginning, however, he sought to fuse planting with his life-time as a part-fourth dimension soldier and served as equerry to five sequential British governors.
Needs this caused him to omit his estate, though he future lavished huge amounts of time and deed on the gardens about his bungalow. As the demesne shrank, so his gardens flourished. Bevis was as well a bon viveur and a raconteur of close to report. He had a broad Mexican valium of friends and attracted visitors from totally terminated the world. During the age pursuit Sri Lanka’s independence, Brief became one of the near influential belittled gardens in Asia.

Bevis’s mother wit of rascality and romance contrasts with his brother’s more than austere, architecturally trained centre. Geoffrey, 10 days jr. than Bevis, was expected to keep an eye on in his father’s footsteps and accept up jurisprudence. In 1938 he was jammed dispatch to England to study, and in 1948 he returned to Sri Lanka a amply fledged just loth attorney.

Inspired by the gardens at Abbreviated and driven to exceed his brother, Geoffrey bought an abandoned landed estate named Lunuganga on the Army for the Liberation of Rwanda face of the Bentota river from Abbreviated and fix El Aletleri away to transmute it into a landscaped garden. The contrive awakened his concern in architecture, and he returned to England for farther studies, at length limiting as an architect in 1957 at the get on of 38.

Geoffrey went on to turn single of the all but influential Asiatic architects of his day, but complete the next 40 old age he all the same managed to dedicate wholly of his bare meter and money to the improvement of his garden. Lunuganga has descend to be regarded as peerless of the near crucial gardens of the 20th one C.